Article ID : 2021/AJRN/75669: Review Article on Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome in Pediatrics
Sk. Md. Abbas1*, A. Noorjahan1, Y. Saivani1, C. Bhargav Reddy2, R. E. Ugandhar2 and C. Madhusudhan Chetty2
1Department of Pharmacy Practice, Santhiram College of Pharmacy, Nandyal, India.
2Department of Nephrology, Santhiram Medical College and General Hospital, Nandyal, India.


Article ID : 2019/AJRN/74812: The Relationship of Chronic Kidney Diseases Stages and Dipstick Proteinuria for Bangladeshi Patients
Mahbuba Yesmin1*, M. A. Jalil Chowdhury2, Afroja Alam2 and Nirmol Kumar Biswas3
1Department of Medicine, Enam Medical College and Hospital (EMCH), Savar, Bangladesh.
2Department of Medicine, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Shahbag, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.
3National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease (NICVD), Bangladesh.



Article ID : 2019/AJRN/63882 : Tenofovir Induced Acute Kidney Injury in HIV Infected Patient Bhawna


Deepika Hemrajani1 and Ranjana Solanki1 1Department of Pathology, SMS medical college, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.



Article ID : 2019/AJRN/51165 : The Effect of Magnesium Supplementation on HbA1c Level and Lipid Profile among Type 2 Diabetics
Louay Labban1*, Nasser Thallaj2 and Zeina Malek3
1,2Faculty of Pharmacy, Aljazeera Private University, Syria.
3 Faculty of Pharmacy, Syrian Private University, Syria.

Article ID : 2019/AJRN/46769: Physiological and Psychological Stressors among Hemodialysis Patients in North of West Bank

 Jamal A. S. Qaddumi1*

1An-Najah National University, Palestine.